The one that got away

21 Nov

This will be a quick one, I just haven’t had time to pay this blog the attention it deserves

One friday night, and I didn’t feel like cooking, after seeing a great review from blogTO about The one that got away, I got in my car, and went downtown on a friday night

4/5: Arctic Char Fish and Chips, with Pop shoppe Lime Ricky

Interior Decor is minimalistic, but suprisingly, I liked the layout, kept a marine theme, somewhat.  It felt refreshing to be here, I may even dare to say I would take a date here for a casual dinner or lunch.

Pricing is… a bit more than I expected, a dinner for one, with fish, chips, and a pop shoppe lime ricky came to 12.70.  Not inexpensive by my standard, but not ridiculous, the portions are very good, and the quality is stunning, I am suprise a piece of fish this high quality is in breading and not on some super fancy resturant dish.  But there we are.

Worthy lunch place, and still a good consideration if your down King West and looking for something quick


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