Carole’s Cheesecake – possibly the best?

13 Oct

Finally back, had a long Thanksgiving weekend, filled with no turkey!

Returned to do a quick review of Carole’s Cheesecake since angelichigo isn’t doing it yet.  We went down together on a friday afternoon.

I came here earlier in the year, and I really liked their NY cheesecake, it had the absolutely the best smell and of course, had the right texture, and the only cheesecake before, or since that could top Carole’s NY cheesecake was none other than cheesecake factory’s.  This time I returned to try something a bit different.


Rocky Road Cheesecake: 2/5, WAY too sweet, the chocolate icing just made it worse, it did not have the same heavenly smell of their NY either... real disappointment


I know I know, it could be just me, I like my dessert a bit sweet, but this is way too much.  The chocolate cheesecake base was not as good as their regular one either.  The cake itself crumbled a bit too easily too.  Maybe next time I will just stick to their NY cake.  I know I had their pistachio and their Lime last time, both of which were good.  So perhaps it is merely the problem of the chocolate based cakes?


Latte: 2.5/5, not great, but perfectly drinkable, just nothing special either.


Latte was acceptable, and had the right bitter taste to counteract the sweetness of the chocolate icing on the Rocky Road Cake

Overall Verdict: 2.5/5 – Best cheesecake?  I think it can be if you stick with their very creamy and very good plain jane NY cheesecake.  However, trying one of their other flavors, especially anything with their chocolate based cheesecake base then suddenly I am not so sure anymore.


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