Inatei Japanese Cuisine

3 Oct

9021 Leslie St., Unit # 7 & 8, Richmond Hill, (905) 881-9500

Inatei is one of the few Japanese restaurants that I enjoy going either for lunch or for dinner. They focus on quality food rather than fast and cheap set meals. Separating themselves from the many All-You-Can-Eat Japanese restaurants around, Inatei  offers an assortment of  appetizers, sunomono (vinegared dishes), sashimis, sushi rolls and robata-yakis (Off the grill).  For those who prefer a more fulfilling hot dishes, Inatei also has a variety of set dinners and bento boxes. They also offer bento box for vegetarians, a very thoughtful touch in my opinion.

They have a lot of set lunches to choose from actually, and that’s because they cater towards the office workers in the area. It will take you awhile to really decide what you want to order as there are noodles, teriyaki, sushi/sashimi, bento and donburi combos. And each combo is served with a miso soup and salad. I tried the Ume bento box last time and it comes with unagi, chicken teriyaki and your choice of a hand roll or sushi roll. Both unagi and chicken are very well marinated and just the right portion. I don’t have a picture for the lunch bento, maybe I’ll post some up later whenever I go back for it again.

As for dinner, here are some for your review. They have a very clean and good presentation for their food. Their sushis are more traditional and nothing fancy, however they have a nice balance of rice and the condiments, that don’t fall apart as soon as you pick them up with your chopsticks.

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Sashimi - all based on what are fresh that day from the sushi bar - Rating: 4.5/5

Assorted sushi and sushi rolls

Assorted sushi and sushi rolls - Again very fresh and good balance with the rice - Rating: 4/5


Tempura (Deep fried bread shrimp with veggies) I alway eat the shrimp tempuras only, so I'm very happy that they have one with just the shrimps. They are very big and crispy. Rating: 4.5/5


Nabeyaki (udon with tempura shrimp, veggies and egg) - Rating: 4/5


Okonomiyaki (pancake with eel) - I wish the grilled eel is bigger, but nevertheless it has a lot of flavor - Rating: 4/5


Hamachi-Kama (Grilled Collar of Yellowtail) - nicely grilled, I just wish for a bigger portion - 3.5/5

Almond Pudding with fruits

Almond Pudding with fruits - the desserts are complimentary and also different everytime, they are served in a shot glass, very milky and not too sweet. Very refreshing. Rating: 4/5

Price: Fairly priced, considering the quality that you get, approximately $10-15 for lunch or $15-20 for dinner per person, depending on what you order.

Service: 4/5, Servers are polite and well trained. They know what to recommend you and always at a reachable distance to make sure your needs are taken care of.

Overall: 4/5 I enjoy dining at Inatei, it has a nice decor with high ceilings and very spacious seatings, so you don’t feel so cluttered when you are eating. They will recommend you what’s the best off the  menu whenever you can’t decide on what to order, and in the end the dishes will never disappoint. I love how they have a unique kind of a complimentary dessert at the end of your meal because normally you’ll expect some oranges or  some green tea ice creams like in most Japanese restaurants . One thing I must mention is that, because they target to serve the best food so their food can be slow sometimes. So if you are in a rush, be awared of that.


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  1. Amy Lu (@lu_amy7) August 15, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    Your photos look amazing!! I wouldn’t mind that okonomiyaki right now ;D

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